My Name is Becca Dilger and I love what I do

My goals are to:

  • help students improve their grades, retain more information learned in class, and develop study skills useful in other classes
  • build a solid relationship with each individual client based on trust
  • teach the material in a way that is easy to understand
  • convince my students they can and will succeed by boosting confidence
  • advise and establish clearly defined study goals for each student
  • instruct in a patient, kind, and lively manner where any and all questions are encourage
IU Degrees
Years Tutoring

What My Students and Parents Say


Becca is a great tutor! She always came prepared with personalized notes and made every concept easy to understand. A201 was so much easier to tackle with her help.


Becca’s endless positive energy and passion to benefit students resulted in utmost success!


Becca is amazing! After seeing my grade for the first test I started going to her review sessions, and it showed! My grade raised a whole letter grade! Her review sessions are a great way to refresh your memory and learn about helpful tips and tricks. Without her help, I definitely would not have been able to get the grade I wanted!


I was really worried about taking M118 when I first signed up. However, after a few of Becca's sessions, my worries subsided. Becca was able to break down the lessons into language I could understand, and ensure that I was able to pass the course!