Red Tutoring

Finite Math

MATH M118, D116, D117, V118, M18, and all online options (Ivy Tech M135, Indiana University branch campuses, etc)


MATH M119 and V119


BUS A100, BUS A200, BUS A304 and BUS A306 


ECON E370, STAT S301, SPEA K300 and CJUS K300

Kelley I-CORE

BUS F370 (Finance) and BUS P370 (Operations)

Math for Elementary Education Majors

MATH T101, T102, T103, and EDUC N101, N102 and N103

Other Math Courses

Math M18, M19 and M25

GRE Math Preparation and Other Standardized Test Preparation

If you are interested in a course and do not see it listed, please inquire through e-mail, text, or phone.

Focus Areas for All Subjects

  • College Life Skills
  • Adult Life Skills
  • Study Skills
  • Organization Strategies
  • Exam Preparation
  • Speech and Other Assignment Help  
  • Advising: What courses to take simultaneously (and which to avoid), which professors to take, online course advice, etc.

Please contact Becca ahead of time for specific goals if you’d like to work on one of the above focus areas.