Red Tutoring

Info for Parents

Dear Hoosier Parents,

The transition from high school to college is not always easy, and sometimes it takes a little while for students to get the hang of it. Indiana University is very large, and it can feel a little overwhelming at times, even for students beyond their freshman year. I’ve helped freshmen up through graduate students, as everyone grows and matures at different rates. I like to think of myself as an invested mentor to your Hoosier, and not just another instructor or tutor.

Over my career, I’ve transitioned from an instructor to a peer, to more of a motherly figure. I have three children myself and want to provide a support system for your child similar to what I will seek out when my own children go off to college. Navigating campus life and generally learning how to be an adult require some guidance. I would love to help your child with these life skills. Think of me as your child’s IU educational concierge!

While the relationships I build with clients result in them becoming more successful adults, teaching coursework was my initial primary focus. Being a good teacher is so much more than simply being an expert in the material; good teaching requires a multi-dimensional skillset. Teaching is in my genes, as my mother is a retired internationally renowned science education professor, and my grandfather was instrumental in developing the community college system in the state of Michigan. Like my family members, I am passionate about teaching and interacting with the students I meet.

I have a wide range of experiences helping students with documented learning disabilities as well as those who breezed through high school (and everyone in between). Regardless of your child’s previous experience in difficult classes, I am confident that I can help them be successful. I aim to be your child’s biggest cheerleader in Bloomington, especially in courses that have earned a bad reputation amongst the IU undergraduate population.

Red Tutoring is not some big institution; instead, my goal is to personalize everything I do. I try my best to connect with every student so they can feel comfortable asking any and every question, whether it be regarding their coursework or navigating campus life. To help encourage a level of trust and comfort, which maximizes learning potential, I personally provide all of the services Red Tutoring offers. When your child attends any private session held by Red Tutoring, it will always be taught by me and only me. At Red Tutoring, your student will: never receive instruction from a fellow student, never receive tutoring from someone without a teaching degree, and never encounter someone who lacks experience teaching at the collegiate level. I feel this commitment sets me apart.

A parent once told me, “You were a lifesaver for my kids.” I take my job very seriously and truly enjoy tutoring and helping IU students in any way I can. I look forward to starting a conversation with you to discuss the goals you and your child have for their Hoosier experience.

Thank you for considering trusting me to help your child be the absolute best Hoosier they can possibly be.